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Sorry all my non New England fans but how funny is this? I should probably walk down the street and take my own picture?


Wow, the NFL is really going all out promoting this BB doc eh? Not that it needs any kind of promotion for me.


Boston Loves Their Bill

Boston is gearing up and getting pumped for a proud moment in New England fan-ship: the Bill Belichick documentary “A Football Life” (part 1 airs tomorrow @ 9 PM), by showing a bit of Patriots pride in Copley Square. You’ll find Columbus, the Tortoise, and the Hair all sporting Bill’s signature cut-off hoodie look and looking mighty adorable. I even scored some free swag, a football stress ball! Boston, be cuter, I dare you. Bill would be proud that his stylin’ comfy ways are making such a splash.

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Sushi at a Baseball Game!?

Yes, I braved the sushi at Fenway Park last night.  Sitting in the best seats I have ever been given, I chose to try one of the newest editions to the ball park menu.  Sitting in the first row behind home plate (and 4 people out of the frame of the camera, darn) I dined on 4 california rolls and 4 spicy tuna rolls that were allegedly from Basho, a sushi restaurant located behind Fenway.  

Verdict: I really enjoyed them!  I would totally get them again as well and would recommend them to other Bostonians.  I washed them down of course with the obligatory beer (or 2).  For only $11, it’s similar in price to the rest of the menu items.

Although David Ortiz did not play most of Tuesday night’s game, he did come up to bat for the last out of the game.  I have seen him hit a walk off home run in person but last night was not a repeat.  He hit a fly out to right field to seal the loss for the last place Sox but it was fun to stand up and chant for “Big Papi.”  Jon Lester pitched a great game.  Final score was 3-2, Tampa Bay.

Since I didn’t know I was going until 3:30 pm, and hadn’t done anything to workout, I decided to do Jillian Michaels' six pack abs level 2.  In just 30 minutes, I burned 300 calories.  Amazing.  That is what I burned during Exhale's Core Fusion Bootcamp and Physique 57, both which were 50-60 minutes long.

Would you be willing to try the sushi at your local ball park or do you go for the ball park frank?

Last night I interviewed the tallest NHL player of all time and Boston bruin captain, Zdeno Chara! My most exciting interview to date.
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Last night I interviewed the tallest NHL player of all time and Boston bruin captain, Zdeno Chara! My most exciting interview to date.

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In case you missed it, here’s the Middle School Trick Play that everyone is all fired up about. Rumor has it Eric Mangini and Brian Daboll have already been studying the film of this play to be used with Josh Cribbs.

This is so cute!  Even if you are not football fan, you need to see how funny this “trick play” is.  

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